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(Year ending 30th September 2017)

This graph shows what has been happening in the Ballarat City municipality and the Pyrenees Shire.

The figures are not the actual total but the rate per 100,000 population,

This enables a comparison between the two local government areas in the Ballarat Police Service Area.
This graph shows the number of offences  by type for both the city of Ballarat and the Pyrenees Shire.

This graph show the number of the 5 most common offences in the City of Ballarat per 100,000 people, so they allow a direct comparison with the pyrenees Shire graph, shown below
This graph show the number of the 5 most common offences in the Pyrenees Shire per 100,000 people.

Type and number of offences for the last 5 years.



These figures have been obtained from the Crime Statistics Agency website:

The graphs have been redrawn and adapted from the same website.

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