VICTORIA POLICE RESIDENTIAL INFORMATION KIT Contains advice on how to reduce the risk of fraud, electronic crime, scams and door to door sales, burglarly and theft, personal safety, vehicle safety, party safe, neighbourhood disputes, garage & shed security, property damage, family violence
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VICTORIA POLICE BUSINESS SECURITY KIT Contains advice on what to do and how to reduce the risk of telephone threats, armed robbery, aggressive people, personal safety, theft from shop, security of business premises, electronic crime, credit card fraus, cash handling, theft by employees
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NEIGHBOURHOOD PROBLEMS - most problems can be resolved by firstly talking to your neighbour in a friendly manner

  • Pets (pdf, 67Kb)

  • Fences (pdf, 73 Kb)

  • Noise (pdf, 56 Kb)

  • Trees (pdf, 56 Kb)

  • Trespass (pdf, 47 Kb)

  • Neighbourhood disputes can take many forms, some more serious than others. When resolving a neighbourhood dispute, consider how it will affect your ongoing relationship with your neighbour. You could be living next door to this person for the next twenty years.

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