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What is a Community Support Register?
A Community Support Register is a record of a person's details which can be accessed in an emergency.

It gives you confidence that if you are unable to provide information (say, due to accident or illness) your medical details and who to notify are readily available to relevant authorities.


How is the Register organised?

The Ballarat & District Community Support Register is managed by the Ballarat Police Proactive Unit. Approved volunteers from Neighbourhood Watch (they are required to undergo police checks) help in the administration of the register.


How does it work?
1.    Your details will be entered and managed on a confidential computer database at the Police Proactive Unit, Ballarat.

2.    You are issued with:
- an identity card (for your wallet or purse)  &  a window sticker for your home

Ballarat & District Community Support Register

Name of Card Holder:                       ID No:

In the event I have an accident or become
ill, my next of kin, my doctor's name and my
health details are lodged at this Register.

These can be accessed by
the Section Sergeant at the
Ballarat Police Station 5336 6000

These are the link between you and the register

3.   In case of emergency your details can be accessed by an authorised member of the police force (duty sergeant or higher) at the Ballarat Police station.

4.   Your records will not be made available to any other person or organisation except Police, Ambulance, Hospital or Fire Brigade, and then only after the approval of a senior Police Officer.


How do you join?

If you live in the Golden Plains Shire, the Pyrenees Shire or the City of Ballarat, please complete a registration Form for each person and forward it to:


Ballarat & District Community Support Register
PO Box 266
Sebastopol 3356


Please call us on (03) 5335 5015 between 10am and 12 noon Monday to Friday if you have any questions or require a registration form.


Objectives of the Community Support Register


a) To increase awareness of peoples’ own safety, security and sense of social inclusion in their own homes.

b) To enhance the feeling of security, confidence and sense of well-being and to minimise the concerns of family members for the welfare of their relatives.

c) To enhance proactive police initiatives such as community safety and to strengthen and encourage community networks.

d) To assist those residents needing help in times of community emergency.

e) To minimise the fear of crime and to create a closer relationship with Victoria Police

To support confident and secure living among residents living in Ballarat and surrounding districts.

 Ballarat & District Community Support Register on

Partners & Supporters
An initiative of Ballarat Police in association with Neighbourhood Watch Ballarat


with valuable support from





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